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As we have traveled across the Navajo and Hopi Nations, we have been struck by the creative art, entrepreneurial spirit and the desire to keep the culture thriving. We have met many artists who just need a way to get their products to a larger customer base. We have also met others who are exploring ways to encourage economic development on the reservations. (Visit the link on this page to see Lillian’s permaculture ideas on the Hopi reservation.) Do you like the aprons you see on the picture on this page? Our good friend, Charlene, makes a living making aprons and clothing for the local dances. There are exciting opportunities for development across the nations. At Hear the Cry we believe in standing with our brothers and sisters to abolish poverty.

If you would like to help in the area of economic development, here are the ongoing and upcoming needs:

  1. Charlene always has aprons to sell. Each one is unique. Visit Hear the Cry Facebook to see examples.
  2. Upcoming: Navajo artwork for sale

Links to economic development resources:

Hopi Tutskwa Permaculture